Enjoy a traditional Swiss cheese fondue at our hut (4-9 persons)...

How to enjoy fondue:

Everyone eats directly from the "Caquelon" (a cheese sauce-pan). Important: The heat of the spirit stove must be regulated so that the Fondue just simmers gently. Spear a cube of bread through the crust so that it holds firmly. Then stir the piece of bread in the fondue until it is entirely covered with cheese. Stirring is the first rule: it keeps the fondue smooth and creamy to the end.
"If your bread comes adrift in the fondue, this involves a penalty: the men are "fined" a bottle of wine,
while women get off lightly - with a kiss, for each man in the party."

What to drink and eat with fondue:

Dry white wine or hot tea is the most suitable drink. "Coup du milieu" - "half-way-drink" is the expert´s term for a small glass of Kirsch, taken during the fondue. Fondue is a main course in itself. If you must have an hors d´oeuvre, restrict it to a little air-dried beef (called Bündnerfleisch). For a dessert, nothing is better that fruit salad or perhaps a sorbet.

Menu CHF 45.-- per person:

Dried meat


Cheese Fondue


Lemon sorbet with Vodka